Very often, for being honest and straightforward, (even on demand for being honest) I have gotten the following vibes:

“She is too busy/cool/good for you.”
“What a bitch?!”
“Who asked for her opinion”
“Wow, she thinks she is so smart.”
“That is so not true. She is just saying that to make you feel bad.”
“She thinks too highly of herself.”

I cannot fathom why people get offended if you are genuinely busy and excuse yourself for not being able to deliver on something rather than faking it, committing to it and then not delivering anyway because you were so busy in the first place and you knew you couldn’t deliver but you continue to lie to make them feel content and dream on even though in the heart of heart, even they know you are busy…am I making any sense?

So then, it seems like the system is set up to bruise and burn the truth-tellers even on the simplest levels of daily life. But I protest…I will try to keep myself from the fakeness as long as I can.

In this town, we, or better yet, even you would rather that we give you a sugar-coated poison pill than point to a jar of poison pills and warn you…because in the end it is not about you or your agenda or your dreams, it is just about getting you out of the way but still keeping you in and around just enough so that tomorrow, if you are someone we might NEED to know, we have access…

…so play with the bone, my dear puppy!