For the LAST time, I am clarifying this horribly wrong assumption that is made by both sides. Whenever, in a film or just on the street, someone wants to tease an Indian Muslim about loyalty..they will call him a “Pakistani” if it is a swear/curse word.

Similarly, in my country, whenever someone will want to say, he is hindu..they will unknowingly use the word, “he is Indian”…I mean, how horrible I feel for Indian Muslims who are neither on this nor on that side..when people like the Pakistani cricket captain makes an India-Pak cricket match sound like a Hindu-Muslim war by saying, “This is my message to wherever the muslim is..”..what the hell? How offensive for a Muslim like Irfan or Yusuf Pathan in the Indian team..are they not Muslims? What’s with the elitism that Muslims only reside in Pakistan or that shalwar kameez is the only “muslim attire”.

Bull shit.

Similary at the Wahgah border, I was outraged when this uneducated cheerleader chanted, “show the non-Muslims you are Muslims”..again blurring the lines between nationality and religion. He wanted us to chant religious slogans rather than Pakistani slogans like they were one and the same thing…I realize this country was made in the name of Islam but today there are non-Muslims who reside here and more than that, there are Christians, Jews, Parsis, Sikhs, Muslims AND then Hindus living across the border so how can we say that everyone on the other side of the gate is a “non-Muslim”…again, blurring the lines between and Indian and a Hindu.

I realize that the majority on either side is Muslim and Hindu but people, pleaaaaaaaaaase…be sensitive…separate religion from culture and nation…life would be a lot more clearer, peaceful and ACCURATE!

Kind of how I get pissed when people say, “You are not are Muslim.” Gosh! You need a refresher course in the difference between one’s divine choice and one’s geographical location! How hard is that exactly? Seems pretty straightforward to me!