Written on June 30, 2007. Staring outside the window at the Mumbai Monsoon…

Day in, day out,
I wake up,
The same clout,
I run there and
I run here,
Trying to live my life.
The day passes by,
“I will live tomorrow”, I say
But I know it will be like today,
The hours pass, the moments fade,
I can’t hold on,
Farewell to everything I bade,
I am helpless.
I want to make the most of today,
Whilst knowing I won’t have time to sit back and relish this ticking time again.
I am told, there is neither loss nor gain,
For life is but a game.
But it is hard to believe,
For I want more,
A better future than before,
And so I wake up and go about,
Day in, day out.